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Why choose Guardien 4K HDMI cable?

Guardien is a trusted brand, our promise is to delivery the best quality products and keep our offer cost-effective.

Production and Quality Control : a fully automated production to ensure that each cable work perfectly. Each cable goes through a rigorous 5-stage quality control check during production, and a final manual checking between 4K devices before packing.

Continuously improvement : We improve our design and our model according to customers' feedbacks and implement it immediately in production.

The highest possible quality of materials and workmanship

Full aluminium housing provides the necessary continuous shielding and maximum stability.

The optimized kink protection is tested to withstand frequent bends, protects against breakage in sensitive areas.

The precise 24K gold-plated connectors ensure optimum signal quality and protection against corrosion.

Pristine pictures and sound with a loss-free transmission

6-layer structure : 1. oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring 2. Individual wire insulation 3. Alu-mylar foil shielding 4. high-density aluminium mesh 5. Flexible PVC jacket  6. cotton braided sleeve

The OFC conductors (30AWG) enable 18Gbps bandwidths required for all HDMI 2.0b features. (the OFC is particularly tested before production, since this significantly influences the signal quality.)

Elegant and flexible

Flexible cotton braided jacket gives the cable an elegant look, protects it against abrasion, prepares it for years of use, makes your life more enjoyable.

The triple-shielding significantly enhances interference protection, and achieves even lower SNR.

3-in-1: Audio and video & EthernetElegant and flexible

Ethernet & Audio Return Channel eliminate extra ethernet and audio cables, which means fewer cables behind your TV to manage!

Guardien HDMI cable can transmit two video streams (dual view) and up to four audio streams all at the same time.

HDR and full color space


  • Supports 1080p / 2160p resolution in 3D mode

  • Deep Color up to 48bit / sRGB, YCbCr, xvYCC

  • Compatible to HDR

  • Multiple playback on the same TV screen

  • TV formats until 21: 9

Immersive audio experience

  • improved audio quality (up to 1536kHz) 

  • all HD audio formats yes

  • 8 PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG, DVD-Audio, SACD 

  • Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby ATMOS, TrueHD and DTS-HD

Guardien 4K@60Hz Serie

available length: 0,5m / 1m / 2m / 10m

Guardien 4K@60Hz serie hdmi cables use thicker wirings to enable 18 GBPS speed required for 4K@60Hz, while most cables use cheaper & thinner wiring (10 Gbps).
0,5m 30AWG | 1m 30AWG | 2m 30AWG | 10m 24AWG

Guardien Premium Certified Serie

available length: 1,8m / 3m / 5m / 7,5m

Premium Certified Cables are tested to ensure they support the full 18Gbps bandwidth from the HDMI 2.0b specification plus an EMI test to ensure cables minimize interference with wireless signals.

Choose this Cost-Effective 2-Pack to save even more.

Optimised length

8cm extra length is added to our 0,5 meter model and 1 meter model, make them 58cm(0,5 meter model) and 108cm(1 meter model) long inclucing connectors, sufficient and convenient for your daily use.

What if I don't like it?

2-month full refund or 24-month new cable replacement

Hey! We are online shoppers too, we understand the frustration of receiving a product that you don’t like; that’s why we make the refund process super easy! if something is not right you will get full refund or free replacement.

Main features

* 4K Ultra HD Max. Resolution 4096x2160p @ 60Hz
* HDR 4: 4: 4 chroma
* Deep Color up to 48bit
* Ethernet, ARC & 3D
* CEC & HDCP 2.2
* Wide bandwidth 18 Gbps
* 32 audio channels, True Dolby HD 7.1 and DTS HD
* Image formats up to 21: 9